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Learners in the middle years: New Times

Susan Hearfield, Middle Years of Schooling Association, QLD


How, where, when, with whom do adolescents learn - and learn most effectively and productively? Is it in school or non-school situations? Is it with teachers or parents or .....? How are the traditional boundaries for and in learning being blurred for middle years students? How might the focus be sharpened for learning while also addressing the diversity in the growth and development of learners in this phase? During this workshop these questions will be explored through both a critical perspectives lens and from sharing of the experiences of those present.

Participants will also have the opportunity to respond and apply, in reference to their own particular context, to a framework which outlines 'Imperatives for Teaching and Learning in the Middle Years of Schooling'.


Susan Hearfield is the Executive Officer of the Middle Years of Schooling Association Inc., which is dedicated to the education, development and growth of young adolescents. Susan also has her own consultancy, 4D Learning, which has a focus on all aspects and dimensions of learning and teaching, with specialisation in middle schooling. She has been a primary and secondary teacher, administrator and consultant in many and varied settings.