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2017 ACSA Executive Elections

ACSA Executive nomination form here.

At the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Australian Curriculum Studies Association (ACSA) a special resolution was passed to amend the constitution to provide ACSA with the ability to conduct voting for the ACSA Executive elections and constitutional change either by postal or electronic ballot. The 2017 ACSA Election will be conducted byelectronic ballot. Further details and information on how to vote will be forwarded to all ACSA members once the ballot has been opened.

Ballot for membership of the ACSA Executive

The terms of office of five members of the ACSA Executive expire in October 2017 at the ACSA Biennial Australian Curriculum Conference.

The members of the Executive whose terms of office expire at the ACSA 2017 Biennial Australian Curriculum Conference are:

Judy Anderson (President)

Deborah Henderson (Vice President)

Christine Reid (Honorary Secretary-Treasurer

Lesley McFarlane (General Executive Member)

Vacant Position due to retirement of Catherine Hart in April 2016 (General Executive Member)

Call for nominations for the Executive

Nominations are called for the following positions:

President (two-year term 2017-19)

Vice President (two-year term 2017-19)

Honorary Secretary-Treasurer (two-year term 2017-19)

General Executive, two positions (four-year terms, 2017-21)

The new Executive members will take up their positions the day following the BGM held in conjunction with the 2017 ACSA conference.

Nominations must be provided in writing, showing the names and addresses of the nominee, proposer and seconder. Nominees, proposers and seconders must all be current financial members of ACSA.

Nominees are invited to submit information about themselves for circulation, including a photograph which can be distributed with voting information.

Nominations and information about candidates should be e-mailed to the Returning Officer . To be received no later than 5pm Friday 30 June 2017.

2017 ACSA Election timeline

Timeline is as follows:

Postal ballot opened and voting instructions emailed to ACSA members: Thursday 31 August 2017.

Closing date of the postal ballot: 5pm Wednesday 27 September 2017.

Results announced at the conference general meeting: Friday 6 October 2017

The elected Officers and general members take office: Saturday 7 October 2017.

Katherine Schoo
Returning Officer
April 2017