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The Australian Curriculum Studies Association (ACSA) is an educational association supporting the professional interests of educators in curriculum work from all levels and sectors within and beyond Australia. Join ACSA and influence the ongoing debate about Australian curriculum today!


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Member type

Membership cost

Per Webinar cost


  $170 per annum

 $60 per webinar                    join           renew

 Institutional -
 whole institution

  $255 per annum

 $60 per webinar/person        join           renew

 Concessional - 
 student or retired

  $90 per annum

  $60 per webinar         join  (student)    renew
  $60 per webinar         join  (retiree)      renew


(If you have an existing standard institutional membership you may upgrade to the following Institutional PLUS levels by clicking renew/ugrade. You will be credited for any remaining time left on your current membership)

 Member type

 Institution size

 Membership cost

 Institutional Plus 1

  1-5 staff

 $1100 per annum          join    renew/upgrade
 free webinars for all

 Institutional Plus 2

  6-25 staff

 $1600 per annum          join    renew/upgrade
 free webinars for all

 Institutional Plus 3 

  26 or more

 $2100 per annum          join    renew/upgrade
 free webinars for all

Join today and be part of an association that:
- Provides a national voice on curriculum matters
- Influences policy development
- Conducts and promotes curriculum research 
- Provides forums for the exchange of information on developments in curriculum
- Develops and publishes curriculum resources and materials 
- Promotes critical and reflective curriculum practice.

Membership benefits include...

  • Two issues per year of the highly respected Curriculum Perspectives journal.
  • Access to a range of curriculum resources and publications at discount prices.
  • Members' rates for attendance at the biennial ACSA conference and biennial curriculum symposium.
  • Members' rates for online professional learning opportunities, including ACSA webinars *
  • Opportunities to have a voice in national curriculum debates.
  • eNews updates and ACSA News Online.

*ACSA Webinars
ACSA's webinars are a great way to access professional learning online and appeal to participants from a broad audience of educators and curriculum planners all over Australia as well as internationally. We know how difficult, and expensive, it can be for busy educators to find time for seminars and other professional development opportunities.
Join the curriculum conversation from your desk top while at the same time complete professional learning hours (you will receive certificates for online attendance as proof).  more on webinars


ACSA Institutional Plus membership for schools, education offices, faculties of education etc allows all staff to access all the live webinars and the recordings of any webinars held during the life of your membership.

Institutional Plus Membership allows for Webinars on demand! If members of your staff can't attend the live webinar, it will be made available after the live event. They will be able to access all webinars produced during your membership year at a time that suits them!

• Institutional Plus 1 - for 1-5 staff costs $1100pa. (Possible benefit if all staff took advantage of all webinar professional learning sessions between $1,860 and $9,300 depending on number of staff in organisation).
• Institutional Plus 2 - for 6-25 staff and costs $1600pa. (Possible benefit if all staff took advantage of all webinar professional learning sessions between $11,160 and $46,000, depending on number of staff in organisation).
• Institutional Plus 3 - for 26 or more staff and costs $2100pa. (Possible benefit if all staff took advantage of all webinar professional learning sessions -  from $48,360 depending on number of staff in organisation).

Already a standard ACSA member but would like to upgrade? No problem. Just click renew/upgrade above and select your new membership level. If you have time left on your existing membership you will automatically be credited for the number of days left.

Don't forget - membership of ACSA is tax deductible.

Joining ACSA Offline:

Download or print the application form after clicking join from any of the above categories. 
You may then send a hard copy form to ACSA

Post to:
PO Box 331

Fax: (02) 6260-5665