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Student voice - 5

Janelle Dickman and Liz Benson, Helensvale State High School

Using student voice to provide feedback on teacher clarity in a large Humanities Faculty

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How do you, in a large Humanities faculty, capture student voice to find out how clear learning is to students? How do you collaboratively involve teachers in responding to this feedback to improve student outcomes? How do you use this process to develop teacher capability?

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What you will learn
1) How to use collaboration in a large curriculum faculty (30+ teachers)
2) How you can use student voice to provide feedback to a faculty on teacher clarity
3) How you can get staff collaboratively analyse and respond to the feedback from students
4) How student voice can inform the improvement agenda of the faculty
5) How this process can build a culture of trust and accountability in the faculty

Why you should attend
You should attend if you are interested in practical steps to capture student voice and use it improve student outcomes. Join this session of you want to improve teacher clarity in your classrooms.

AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers addressed in this webinar:
Standards 3 and 4

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