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Student voice - 7

Bronwyn Hinz, Pivot Professional Learning & Melbourne Graduate School of Education

From voice to agency to entrepreneurial learning - the international evidence base and the local "coal face"

7-8pm AEDT Tuesday 19 November 2019

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Student voice, agency and leadership take many forms across a broad spectrum and diverse contexts. This webinar outlines essential research findings and showcases experiences from ACEL-award winning Entrepreneurial Learning in Schools initiative (auspiced by the Mitchell Institute, VASSP and NSW SPC) involving 21 government schools and Professor Yong Zhao, as well as the experiences from 500 schools around Australia that have been using Pivot to harness student voice data to understand and enhance teaching and to deepen student agency and engagement. Whether you are taking first tentative steps to strengthen student voice, or have already fully-embraced and are now expanding to new horizons, these case studies will inspire you and your students to new heights.

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AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers addressed in this webinar:
1. Know students and how they learn
2. Know the content and how to teach it
3. Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
4. Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments
5. Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning

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