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Active and Informed Ctizenship 1

Professor Emeritus Kerry Kennedy, The Education University of Hong Kong

Active and informed or radical and violent?   Learning from Hong Kong's experience claiming democratic rights in the "Chinese century"

Tuesday 3 March 2020 7-8pm AEDT

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Developing active and informed citizenship has been a strategic goal for civics and citizenship in Australia and elsewhere. It assumes that democracies require citizens to participate, contribute and make a difference in the life of their communities and their nations. Broader notions of participation have been suggested to support global engagement beyond the borders of nation states.

In most traditional civics and citizenship curriculum, participation is defined in relation to democratic institutions or processes deemed to be legal within democratic societies. Yet an international trend is suggesting that these democratic processes may not be enough for  the challenges facing citizens.

This was clearly the case in Hong Kong from June 2019 onwards where radical forms of violent protest were adopted to achieve democratic and other reforms. While a significant range of people were involved, the participation of school aged students was very high (almost 1/3 of those arrested were school students). This webinar will seek to understand the issues that were involved, will raise issues about the role of illegal protests in democratic societies and will suggest teaching approaches that are needed in this new context.


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What you will learn
This webinar will provide new thinking and ideas about engagement and participation in democratic societies. It will suggest that schools cannot continue to highlight traditional forms of participation that for many young people have no validity.