ACSA Webinars
Senior pathways & transitions 1

Phil Roberts, Associate Professor, University of Canberra

Changing the narrative: school subjects within school and school to post-school transitions

Tuesday 28 April 2020 7-8pm AEST

Drawing on research that defines subject selection patterns and pathways within schools, and from school to post school, this session explores approaches to maximising student access to subjects that are powerful for post school options and examines the relationships between options within subjects in the Senior Curriculum and the opportunities they afford or limit. 

The session also explores barriers in accessing, and achievement, in subjects and then looks at how schools can work to change the established patterns of curriculum access, and ultimately achievement.  This includes understanding student backgrounds and relationship to assumed knowledge, structuring curriculum programs, and engaging in subject knowledge 'in place'. 


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Why you should attend:
In this session you will understand the patterns of curriculum access in operation from the early years to senior secondary school.  You will come to appreciate the influence of parental background and prior achievement on later school outcomes, in order to change these pathways.

What you will learn:
You will learn about approaches to disrupting existing patterns of access and achievement in schools.

AITSL Standards addressed:

1.5: Differentiate teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities
2.1: Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area
6.2: Engage in professional learning and improve practice