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School & curriculum leadership 8

Janeen Silcock, Principal, Ballina Coast High School 

Dare to challenge the status quo

Wednesday 29 July 2020 7-8pm AEST

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This session is about thinking differently about secondary education in our schools. It uses the OECD principles of innovative learning environment to ignite a learning community-staff, student and parent/carers.

Through redesigning learning Year 7-9 and aligning Year 10 with senior years, students are demonstrating stronger engagement, creative and critical thinking, self-regulation and a drive to improve. They are more independent, able to problem solve and meet deadlines.

This workshop gives you an overview of what we have done and how it has and continues to make a difference to the whole school. Challenging the status quo is a possibility for every school.


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What you will learn:
To think outside the box, dream of possibilities and plan ways to change the way in which we deliver learning.

Why you should attend:
What we are doing is making a difference.