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School & curriculum leadership 13

Alison Rourke, Principal, Fairy Meadow Demonstration School, NSW

Leading for transformation - how much does school culture impact? 

Wednesday 2 September 2020 7-8pm AEST 

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As we shape the next generation of leaders, we are charged with a responsibility that has potential to impact on the global world. As leaders we need to be open to supporting our staff to change the way we teach, inclusive of our school communities and the wider entrepreneurial community whilst embracing the need for developing student voice and student agency. This session will explore how leading and managing this change is impacted by the culture of the schools in which we work.

This presenter has been a leader in two very different educational settings - both have the same common goal of school transformation but their contrasting cultures and communities required  the leadership styles required and the impact of two varied school cultures on this leader's values, beliefs and continual pursuit for school change.


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