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Critical & creative thinking 2

Peter Ellerton, School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, and Critical Thinking Project, University of Queensland

Assessment of creative and critical thinking

Tuesday 8 September 2020 7-8pm AEST

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Developing students critical and creative thinking capacities is a task requiring significant pedagogical care. Critical thinking is not a general skill that students pick up through normal interaction with the curriculum. It is better conceived of as a complex mix of skills, values, dispositions and even virtues. As such, in teaching critical thinking we are more concerned with the critical thinker than with any abstract notion of critical thinking. It is the inquirer that should be the object of interest, not simply an abstract skill set, important as that skill set may be. This is also the case for developing in students a mastery of creative processes, and it is no coincidence that the conditions under which critical thinkers can be best developed are also those that foster creativity. The relationship between criticality and creativity cannot be overstated and it is unusual to see either in full bloom without the other. This session will explore how assessment can be designed that invokes the abilities of critical thinkers in a measurable way, including tasks that

• challenge assumptions
• frame problems collectively
• question creatively
• construct, analyse and evaluate arguments
• discerningly apply values of inquiry
• engage in a wide variety of cognitive skills, including analysing, explaining, justifying and evaluating


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