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Flip the System Australia: What Matters in Education

Ryan Gill, Head of Senior School and Carla Gagliano, Head of Learning and Teaching (ELC-6), Masada College

From Silo to Study Group: Subverting Teacher Learning

Wednesday 17 March 2021 7-8pm AEST


Ryan Gill                         Carla Gagliano

Developing a culture of thinking at an individual classroom level may not seem like a daunting process for many, but what about at the whole school level? How can we leverage existing and new mechanisms within your school to develop and enrich your culture of thinking? How can we promote a culture of thinking for our teacher to ensure that the business of teaching and learning remains on the table? We will share the journey over the last 12 years and enhance your understanding of the processes and structures that you may integrate in order to develop your culture of thinking across your school. This session, aimed at school leaders and those interested in developing a culture of thinking across or within a group in the school, will consider the theory and practices for your own educational context.

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