ACSA Webinars
Term 2

Scott Dirix, Head of School and Kim Brady, Assistant Head of School, Indie School

Developing a school wellbeing strategy

Wednesday 26 May 2021 7-8pm AEST

Session complete. Recording available via ACSA Webinars on Demand

Scott Dirix and Kim Brady

Wellbeing is a 'new frontier' in the world of education, and, if LinkedIn tells us anything, it's becoming a hot topic in the corporate world as well. So how do we avoid the 'buzz' and address wellbeing in schools in ways that are evidence-based, authentic and meaningful?

Over the past 5 months, Kim and Scott have been working on a wellbeing strategy for their brand new school. The strategy began with a focus on students, before it became apparent that staff wellbeing needed to be at the centre. However, with such a strong focus on staff wellbeing, 'compassion fatigue' soon set in for the two-person leadership team and this led them to the realisation that wellbeing in schools starts and ends with school leaders, thus, a third tier of their school-wide wellbeing strategy emerged.

In the webinar, Kim and Scott will talk about the values and philosophy that underpin their wellbeing strategy, and the evidence-base the strategy is built on. They will share key insights and learning from the journey they've undertaken towards achieving their goal of wrapping a holistic wellbeing program around each individual at Indie School Elizabeth - each student, each teacher and each leader.