ACSA Webinars
Term 3

Jessica Colleu Terradas, Literacy Coach, Literacy Guarantee Unit, Learning Improvement division - Department for Education SA

How can we disrupt the negative trajectory of older struggling readers?

Tuesday 3 August 2021 7-8pm AEST

Jessica Colleu Terradas

If students are not competent readers, they are at risk for academic, behavioural, social and emotional difficulties. There has been a great body of research supporting the Simple of Reading and providing with recommendations to prevent reading difficulties in young learners. However, many students reach upper elementary and middle school without having acquired strategies and skills to become strong, independent readers. This affects their capacity to engage with the curriculum and to lean the increasingly vast amount of work that is being presented to them. Teachers can change this trajectory for children at risk for failure in reading by intervening early and providing explicit, intensive and systematic instruction.

In this session, participants will identify the common types of reading problems for older learners. They will also explore the implications for classroom teachers in designing targeted remedial instructions to meet the individual learning needs of these students.

AITSL Standards Addressed:
1.2 Understand how students learn
1.6 Strategies to support full participation of students of students with disability
2.5 Literacy and numeracy strategies
3.3 Use teaching strategies

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