ACSA Webinars
Term 3

Danielle Toon, Co-Director, Evidence for Learning (part of Social Ventures Australia) and Michael Rosenbrock, Wodonga Senior Secondary College

Embedding meta-cognition and self-regulation across secondary subjects

Wednesday 11 August 2021 7-8pm AEST


         Danielle Toon                     Michael Rosenbrock     

Meta-cognition and self-regulation can have a substantial impact on students' learning. This webinar will explore how leaders and teachers at Wodonga Senior Secondary College encouraged their students to develop their metacognitive and self-regulatory capacity.

AITSL Standards Addressed:
1.2 Understand how students learn
2.1 Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area

Why should you attend?
Metacognition and self-regulation has a large impact on students learning and can be embedded within a school.

What will you learn?
In this webinar educators will learn about seven key recommendations for teaching metacognition and self-regulated learning. These are:

  • Teachers should acquire the professional understanding and skills to develop their students' metacognitive knowledge.
  • Explicitly teach students metacognitive strategies, including how to plan, monitor, and evaluate their learning.
  • Model your own thinking to help students develop their metacognitive and cognitive skills.
  • Set an appropriate level of challenge to develop students' self-regulation and metacognition.
  • Promote and develop metacognitive talk in the classroom.
  • Explicitly teach students how to organise, and effectively manage their learning independently.
  • Schools should support teachers to develop their knowledge of these approaches and expect them to be applied appropriately.

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