ACSA Webinars
VIP Series

Anne Looney, Executive Dean, Institute of Education, Dublin City University, Ireland

Contemporary curriculum-making; policies, identities and possibilities

Wednesday 8 June 2022 7-8pm AEST

Anne Looney

The concept of curriculum-making has proven useful as an analytical tool to explore processes of curriculum reform and innovation in school systems, as well as meso- and micro-level processes in schools and classrooms (Priestley et al (2021). This webinar will look at some global trends in these contexts, and propose some emerging implications for this understanding of curriculum as social practice for the professional identities of teachers. Particular attention will be paid in the session to the emergence of 'new-form' (as opposed to re-formed) curricula proposed by supranational organisations such as OECD, through its Learning Compass 2030, and UNESCO, through its Futures of  Education Report.  These expansive meta-frameworks sit in marked contrast to the growing body of 'advice' to governments to concentrate on 'fundamentals' in any post-pandemic curriculum adjustments that take account not just of school closures for extended periods of time, but of the need to build more resilient education systems into the future (World Bank, 2021).

Some implications of both the supranational framework and the recovery advice for national curriculum projects, and of the tensions between them, for curriculum research and curriculum studies as a field will be identified.

Finally, drawing on these ideas and tensions, some new possibilities for curriculum will be mapped as the basis for discussion at the session and future engagement and research beyond.

Session complete. Recording available via ACSA Webinars on Demand.