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Nicole Mockler, Associate Professor, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia

Re-professionalising teachers through curriculum work: Working the space 'between hope and happening' 

Wednesday 27 July 2022 7-8pm AEST

Nicole Mockler

Discussions of curriculum in the public space often presume that enacting the curriculum in the classroom is a simple and standardisable exercise of translation from what's on the page of the official curriculum to what goes on in the classroom. Teaching, however, is a messy and human business and what goes on in the classroom is, (and should be), mediated by the teachers and students involved. This mediated space has been conceptualised over the years by curriculum scholars in different but similar ways, from Shirley Grundy's (1987, 1998) concepts of 'curriculum as object' and 'curriculum as action', to Lawrence Stenhouse's 'curriculum as intention vs curriculum as reality', to Ulf Lundgren's (1983) notion of the gap 'between hope and happening' in curriculum.

This webinar will focus on this space 'between hope and happening', exploring some key factors that shape curriculum enactment, including curriculum ideologies (Schiro, 2013), encapsulated in teachers' beliefs about the purpose of schooling and education; pedagogical practices, which mediate the 'curriculum as intention' to shape the 'learning reality' of students in classrooms (Ladwig, 2009); and teacher professional identity, which, as Connelly and Clandinin (1999) have argued, is partly a product of their work as curriculum makers. The session will explore the potential within this space for teachers to find and reclaim a creativity often absent from a 'dot point' approach to curriculum; for professional judgement to be sharpened and valued; and for robust collaborative and collegial conversations to shape the learning realities of students. It will also consider the factors that variously enable and constrain these possibilities in schools, arguing that teachers and school leaders need to be equipped and supported to work the space 'between hope and happening'.

Session complete. Recording available via ACSA Webinars on Demand.