ACSA Webinars
Intercultural Education

Dylan Chown and Dr Nadeem Memon, University of South Australia, SA, Australia;
Dr Sam Schulz, University of Adelaide, Undergraduate teacher education course, Adelaide, Australia;
Meredith Edwards, former Principal of Woodville SHS, Adelaide, Australia;

"Religious Responsivity", National perspectives: Educator case studies

Tuesday 30 August 2022 7-8pm AEST


Dylan Chown                                      Nadeem Memon


           Sam Schulz                                      Meredith Edwards        


There are undoubtedly national and international education commitments to equity, inclusion, and intercultural understanding. It is also evident that learner identities defined by cultural, linguistic, racial, gender, and class differences inform increasingly super diverse classrooms.  Among the challenges faced within these national education commitments and realities is, however, the place of religion and religious identities of learners in public schools. What should being responsive to the religious identities of learners look like within secular learning spaces? Are there limits to being religiously responsive to learners who identify with a religion? And how do commitments to social justice implicate how the religious identities of learners are supported?

During this panel, we will explore these and other critical questions with Dr. Samantha Schulz, Ms. Meredith Edwards, Ms. Laila El-Assad, and Ms. Rachel Pangas. Together, the panel will share case examples of enacting commitments to "religious responsivity" in initial teacher education, public state schools, and independent faith schools.

Session complete. Recording available via ACSA Webinars on Demand.