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Welcome to ACSA’s collection of over 150 recorded Webinars available for purchase and download.

ACSA Members currently have access to all Webinar recordings for FREE.

Non-Members are welcome to purchase Webinar recordings – $80 each.

PLEASE NOTE: ACSA Personal Membership is $190/year. ACSA Institutional Membership (School/College/Uni) is $290/year. Membership types are purchased on an honesty and integrity basis. Personal Membership and Institutional Membership (Schools, College’s and Uni’s), enable one person to view the downloadable recording. 

Multiple people or group views occur by upgrading to Institutional Plus (all staff for free during the term of their membership), or by purchasing individual Webinars per person.

All Webinars are sorted into the following five categories:

~ VIP Series

~ Curriculum – Key Considerations

~ Curriculum Leadership

~ Curriculum Conversations

~ Learning Areas

Once selection and purchase is complete, the recording/s can be downloaded directly from your web browser OR via the link/s which will be sent immediately to your email. This email will include a receipt/tax invoice.

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