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ACSA’s Journal Curriculum Perspectives brings Australian curriculum scholarship to the world. The flagship journal encourages an international exchange of ideas that can enhance curriculum experiences for students across the globe. The journal publishes articles that promote innovative curriculum thinking, multiple ways of knowing and understanding, and critical and creative problem solving to develop solutions that can make a difference in the lives of students and their communities.

The mission of Curriculum Perspectives is to encourage diverse curriculum scholarship and the international exchange of ideas in the field of Curriculum Inquiry. Located in Australia, Curriculum Perspectives supports curriculum scholarship from the global south to decolonise the curriculum and speak back to the global metropole. Curriculum Perspectives encourages scholarship that enhances the curriculum experiences of students in a diversity of educational contexts, as well as scholarship that rethinks and reframes contemporary curriculum experiences for more just, inclusive, and sustainable futures.

Curriculum Perspectives is published twice a year in April and September. ACSA members are given access to an online complimentary copy of both journals. Members may also request a hard copy of the publication.

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Volume 43 issues 1 and 2 were released April and September 2023. A special supplementary issue was also released middle of October, 2023:

Special Issue – Narrowing the Gap Beyond Tokenism: Transdisciplinary Search for Innovative Approaches in the Integration of Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Epistemologies in Higher Education    

Volume 44, issues 1 and 2, will be released April and September 2024. A special supplementary issue will also be released during Semester 1 , 2024:

Special Issue – New Perspectives on Curriculum and Democracy

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