The Australian Curriculum: Promises, problems and possibilities

Edited by Alan Reid and Deborah Price 2018

In the last decade, Australia has been in the process of implementing a national curriculum. The move from state-based control to a national approach marks a dramatic shift in the Australian education system, and so raises a number of significant questions: Why and how did this happen? What were the debates, disputes and processes that led to the current version of what is called the Australian Curriculum? To what extent does it meet the future needs of Australian society? Is it a national curriculum, or do the states and territories still really retain control? What might happen from here? What should happen from here?

The book will assist people to understand and analyse the debates and tensions around aspects of the architecture of the Australian Curriculum, how these played out, and how the outcomes of these debates are represented in the Australian Curriculum. It will be of interest to a wide range of academics, pre-service teachers, school-based educators, policy makers and interested members of the public.

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Philosophical and ethical inquiry for students in the middle years and beyond

Sarah Davey Chesters, Liz Fynes-Clinton, Lynne Hinton, Rosie Scholl 2013

This book seeks to broaden teachers’ understanding of stimulus for philosophical inquiry, and suggests a variety of easily accessible stimulus materials appropriate across disciplines. Students and teachers are able to unleash their ability to question, to satisfy their thirst for meaning and understanding, to explore possibilities with others and to test their own thinking within a supportive community. Engaging in philosophy sessions enables teachers and students to explore the curriculum and life beyond the schoolyard in depth, through learning to think in a critical, creative and caring way. This form of learning will assist them to understand and make sense of their lives.

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Philosophy with young children - a classroom handbook

Philip Cam, Liz Fynes-Clinton, Kathlyn Harrison, Lynne Hinton, Rosie Scholl, Simon Vaseo, 2007

Imagining, wondering, reflecting, questioning, talking and speculating – philosophy with children is exciting, surprising and challenging.

Philosophy with Young Children – a classroom handbook is a handbook for teachers of early primary. The handbook is designed to assist teachers in the teaching of philosophy, and in developing skills of inquiry and reasoning in their students, utilising story books.

The handbook focuses on twelve stories and includes activities relating to each story. For each story the handbook details the area of philosophy emphasised, philosophical themes to be covered, and activities based on eliciting good questions, exploring concepts and developing reasoning skills.

To assist teachers with planning and curriculum design, two indexes are also included in the handbook – one according to themes and one according to skills. This practical handbook will assist teachers to explore philosophy in the classroom with their students – enabling students to consider issues, to ask questions, to discuss ideas and to gain further insights into their lives, and the lives of others.

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